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Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
are comedian lee kemp, editor in chief at the tina dupuy. and sam seder. i'll begin with you sam should we be surprised that 82% of the bush tax cuts have now been made permanent? is this really a victory? >> well, not i think for those people who feel that we need more revenue or those people who feel that this is the best way to some type of economic prosperity. you don't want to impose austerity on our economy. we need jobs. that's the only conversation that's not happening. it's really the only one that really matters. i think we're seeing the democrats come out and ask for more revenue as a way to turn this whole kabuki theater with a real desire to cut social services programs. if we need to justify more revenue as opposed to cutting social security or social insurance, fine, but it's it really has nothing to do with what is going on around the country. we have 7.8% unemployment, and that's not acceptable. >> john: tina dupuy let me ask you, president obama with the american jobs act, 67% tax cuts. it never made it out of the house. considering that it was 67% tax cuts
Jan 17, 2013 9:00pm PST
's tina dupuy a syndicated columnist and editor in chief of the contributor and lee camp. thank you all so much for joining me. so do you guys think manti te'o's story is a hoax and if so, why would he do it? >> i think it is a hoax and i think that the story should not be about manti te'o. the story should be about "sports illustrated." i think that this is a media incompetent story. you can trust. you can admire. you can love but you also need to verify. >> john: do you agree lee? is it shocking sports journalist have no access to google? >> it is utterly pathetic. ironically what businesses me off the most though is when i was in high school, we would lie about being on the football team so that we could touch real, live girls. this is a real, live football player who had to lie about a fake girlfriend he couldn't touch. >> john: he said he held hands with her at some point. >> this makes me appreciate the lance armstrong scandal. at least i understand that one. this one, i don't know. in defense of the football player i've had relationships with various women for years onlin
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
. tina due pie of the contributor and lee camp of the book the web. i love your short videos. >> thank you. >> john: thank you all for dropping by. do come back. sorry it was so brief but fake girlfriends take priority. more about manatee tieio and all of the fake girls we love. first, a peek at what's coming up on "say anything" with joy behar. you there? >> thanks, john. on tonight's "say anything," the great congressman from massachusetts, barney frank talks about everything from gun control to the fiscal cliff to what he found most difficult about coming out as a gay man. >> joy: what's the most painful thing about staying in the closet or not coming out? >> you cannot develop the kind of emotional relationships people have. a lot of people who are gay say i'll put all of my energy in my job. we all have needs emotional needs as well as physical needs that need an outlet and suppressing them is the problem. >> joy: that's not all. my panel will talk about lindsay lohan's alleged activity as a high-priced escort and if that's not enough, we take a look at kim kardashian's boobs on "
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3